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My name is Johannes ‘Johan’ Titaley. QTH Palembang South Sumatra Indonesia.

I have been licenced in amateur radio since 1969 and the callsign was YB4GA. On behalf of the Club Station of ORARI (The Organization of Amateur Radio of the Republic of Indonesia) Call Area 4, I was also hold the callsign YB4AA until 1981.

I love homebrewing, so the necessaries knowledge mostly have been got from several edition of ARRL’s the Radio Amateurs’ Handbook – All of us learned about tubes from the books and practical info on electronic fundamentals and tube circuits, and a lots of ham projects, RX, TX, antenna- ,and of course, also from a lot of another resources.

Shortly after the licences, I made a 3 bander (80, 40 , 20 m band) ssb transmitter running 100 watts from a pair of 6146′s and combining it with Hallicrafter S-86 receiver and a multiband fan dipole and a 20 m vertical, I was hooked on hamming and have been doing it ever since. This working condition I’ve been enjoing for a couple of years and even more when some hf rigs like FT-401S, FT-101E, FT-901DM added into my hamshack. Those were the days all of my happy ham life until 1986,when raising four lovely children and my job in the oil industry took up all my time.

My lifelong job was in telecommunication system for the national oil company. Joining in 1971 and retired in the year of 2000 mostly involved in marine communication and navigational system, microwave radio relay link, fixed/mobile land radio system.  After retirement still hadn’t much time for hamming since I had some teaching job in the university, EIA consulting, and other civic activities.

After nearly 2 years working on my ham equipment (more than 25 years locked up in cabinet), those include cleaning, repairing, aligning and tuning per the manual, I’ve got some of them that  now am using  to come back again in the wonderful world of amateur radio.

That’s the real radio that I’ve been using  for ham activities for more than 30 years, and now come the HamSphere, – ‘the virtual radio’ –  what a wonderful and marvelous program, no antenna, and no radio at all but I can still get many dx contact from all over the world, thanks 5B4AIT

I enjoy spending time with my family and my hobbies include amateur radio, electronics, computing, reading, music, travelling, and golfing.

Thanks for stopping by,and I hope to meet you on the air, with the real or the virtual radio.

73, de Johan Titaley, YB4GA

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